Bottled water snobs

Blimey I’m f**king bored at work today.  I’m somewhat skint due to saving for my impending hols and slightly uninspired to go out in the concrete megabollocksalopalis that is East Croydon (I much prefer the part of town up by West Croydon Train Station to Pret-a-mong-er city).

It was bad enough that I had to pop out to the cash point earlier today when I overheard someone being VERY snobby about drinking bottled water whilst laughing with their friend (probably called Tarquin) about those who drink tap water. 

I genuinely wanted to point out that Evian (which is actually one of the only decent brands out on the market) spelt backwards is Naive but fortunately for them I was more inclined to not give a toss than spend any of my time berating one of Croydon’s exec lovies. 

Tap water isn’t brill at times I grant you, but why not just buy a flipping water filter and get a Tweenies kids flask instead of buying water which has been cleansed (I use the term very loosely) through reverse osmosis.

So it’s not really natural mineral water at all you smug tool, it’s recycled just the same as tap water is.  Just sprinkle in some minerals and hey presto……you get something like this.

Remember kids, always read the label!