Global surname finding fingy

I saw the link above on the BBC today and it’s rather funky (How accurate it is I don’t know, but it’s fun to indulge the imagination if nothing else?).  It very easily allows you to search your surname (or others if you’re a bit of a weirdo like me!) and find out where in the world it is most abundant. Log on to the site, pop in your surname and then click the map at various points to zoom in for a closer view.

The Krishnan Global Legacy
So that’s exactly what I did.  This image below shows the spread of Krishnan’s living around the globe.  Imagine my surprise when I found that there are more Krishnans per square inch to be found in Tooting Broadway, UK, than anywhere else on planet Earth. I jest, sorry.  In actual fact I clicked on the UK and was shocked to actually see that most Krishnans in the UK seem to live in Wales.  Sag aloo boyo!

India – Krishnan’s in call centres and cricket academies
I couldn’t resist the urge to click onto India and see the whole place lit up in a big blue mass (highest concentration on the colour KEY).  In my utter ignorance I just expected there to be a vast Krishnan migration across the whole country, but it clearly shows on this image that Krishnans are concentrated in the southern/central regions.  I know that we’re originally Southern Indian due to some recently discovered family memoirs, but it’s rather cool to actually see that my ancestors are probably still in the same villages and towns that their relatives were in when my Great-Grandfather left India all those years ago.

Krishnan – A load of funky stats
Last but not least, I simply had to throw these stats up.  It shows the most common ‘forenames’ and a few other bits I found interesting.  There seems to be a database problem in that it’s displaying the most common set of initials (which leads me to question the accuracy a tad).  Anyway, under the forenames section you will be able to make out the initials KK which I found RATHER spooky to say the least (I also share the same initials as my great-grandfather, Kunhi Krishnan.  Crazy).

So there you go folks.  Have a look and see what you can come up with! Happy hunting, oh, and don’t search for Patel (censored), it might crash the server!