Live General Election Debate

So there we go; the much hyped ‘Live General Election Debate’ has aired on UK television, making history as the first televised debate of it’s kind involving the three main Political party leaders.

Yes, that’s right; Gordon Clown, (the half blind calculator-challenged Prime Minister that nobody voted for) is going toe to toe with opposition leaders David ‘Prince Regent from Blackadder’ Cameron and Nick ‘non entity’ Clegg.

Whoever arranged it clearly forgot to inform the First ministers of Scotland and Wales; further proving devolution was a rather pointless and self-serving affair for those who stand to profit by it rather than there being any patriotic ambitions.

Let’s spare a thought for the Cornish minority who want independence. I’d miss the ice cream if it ever happened, but surely they should have a voice too?!?

I personally think it’s a rather sad state of affairs where I’m totally uninspired by the choices being offered by each party; I almost want to saunter down to see her Maj and ask her to take control of the country until someone worthwhile reignites my interest in politics.

Give the Queen complete unaided rule over her not-so United Kingdom. That’s what I say!