Well hung parliament

I woke this morning to the huge headline of ‘Hung Parliament’ on the BBC news site; for the briefest of moments I actually considered that someone had finally strung all the selff-serving rats up in the rafters of the commons.

Aside from the political implications; the hung parliament also means that the average person will continue going around spouting half-truths gleaned from the tabloids and ITV news; wank.

I don’t claim to completely understand the political system; my laymans understanding is that the current system is an arse and needs changing.

Fat chance of that whilst the old boy network continue to get rich whilst the average joe finds less in their pockets each month.

Of all the results and hype; the main story that hit me today was that the Green Party had their first MP elected in Brighton, most interesting indeed; it’s great to see a tiny breakthrough amongst the offensive media campaigns of the main parties.

As for me, I chose not to vote; which angers many apparently, but that’s my right.

My disdain for the British Political engine reminds me of the film ‘Brewsters Millions’……

VOTE “None of the above”.