Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is dead. Whoop-de-flipping-doo!

The tabloid media has gone into frenzy regarding her ‘legacy’ and ‘untimely death’; the BBC News website has three separate headlines devoted to her. Why?!?

The BBC has a page for a biography (including token celebrity tribute wank), details of her death and a report written on the night before her death when she was booed off during an appearance in Serbia; apparently too drunk to perform.

Personally, I am a little more concerned about the Right Wing fruitcake who killed 86 people during a tragic massacre in Oslo.

Anders Behring Breivik clearly needs his head examining before he succumbs to a slow and painful death at the hands of those he has taken loved ones from.

Why is the much-expected death of a drug wrecked twat getting more coverage than the killings in Norway? Ah yes, Britain’s obsession with crap celebrities.

Personally; I thought Amy Winehouse had an OK voice, although it was nothing spectacular? She hasn’t released anything decent lately or performed without controversy?

You could argue that her death is due to her lifestyle and poor choices in life? So what’s all the fuss about?!

The British public loves ‘car crash celebrity’; she has become an icon to those who champion how ‘cool’ it is to stumble around on autopilot whilst their lives are wrecked by drugs and booze.

Camden embodies this kind of lifestyle; burn it to the ground already and give the great unwashed a slap and 100 hours of community service!

No doubt Amy’s passing will appeal to the bleeding hearts of Indie non-achievers everywhere.

How anyone can brand her a genius is beyond me?! What is genius about shooting up heroin and drinking enough booze that would make Oliver Reed wince?!

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse, the ‘alternative’ person’s Jade Goody.