Battlefield 3 – Xbox 360

Battlefield 3 on the xbox 360 is a fantastic game and a clear improvement on the funky features added in Battlefield Bad Company 2; the latter was probably my personal game of the year when it came out in March 2010.

I was really excited to get BF3 having played the multiplayer Beta at London’s Eurogamer Expo in September, Angelo and I also played the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Special Ops game mode at the same time and my mind was made up at that point to not buy MW3 because it’s just MW2 with new skins and a bit more story! 

MW3 is clearly a stunning game and is presented with all the pomp and polish you would expect of a game so heralded by immense hype; I would have been even more impressed had it been a stand alone game; but it does not really do anything for me because I’ve seen it all before, time after time.  Milking the franchise.  Call of Duty peaked with COD 4, no question about that.

The Battlefield series just keeps getting better and better, of course it still has many of the quirks and glitches that I have seen on previous games within the series, but this is a bit more forgivable in that the overal product is very polished AND you get the impression that EA really enjoy making these games due to the way in which they are so much fun!

As Angelo will testify, there are few things more gratifying than sneaking up on a fully occupied tank and blowing it up with a pack of C4 explosives; well, for me the stand out moment is base jumping off of a military installation and parachuting down to assault the next objective on the Damavand Peak map.  Absolutely amazing!  If there was ever a James Bond moment in a FPS game, this is it!

MW3 multiplayer runs at a very impressive rate and if that’s your bag, fair enough.  Personally, I love the thrill of going into a battle knowing that only a team effort can achieve the objective.  My favourite role is that of medic, healing and reviving team members before pushing on to overwhelm the opposing team!

I have only seen a little of the single player game when Kai played it last night, I really appreciated the anonymity of the players rather than the MW3 circus with Billy Murray et al! 

If anything, I love the BF3 game because it reminds me so much of Rainbow Six Vegas and how much that game blew me away; you could be forgiven for thinking that BF3 is almost a cross between RB6 and GRAW 2 in some places, certainly borrowing ideas from both games and throwing lots of perks and options into the mix!

My problem with MW3 has always been the community that surrounds it, BF3 takes the ego away from the equation because you do not have to endure the pointless lobby banter and all the crap that goes with it.  It’s much more fun seeking someone out in a game who has become your rival; purely because of the fact that they killed you in the last round! 

Especially when you cut their throats and steal their dog tags; I’m certain that MI5 will present this thread as findings in a future court case!  “Subject K Krishnan has an unhealthy love of cutting throats and stealing dog tags!!!”. 

I jest.