Lovely Jubilee

Today is the last day of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend.

The Queen! ::Salute::

It’s been wonderful to see everyone around the UK and Commonwealth celebrating the service of such an amazing woman; I hold her maj in the highest regard for her dedication, professionalism and unparalleled intelligence on global foreign policy.

I spent Saturday at the Jubilee Summer event in Warlingham, Surrey. Warlingham is just down the road from me and it’s a lovely old town with a big village green.

The Summer Fair was brimming with eccentric British people who braved the traditional English Summer rain to have a jolly old ‘knees up’ and generally get pissed on cider, lager or Pimms with lemonade.

I got to see Isabelle (Dave and Jane’s daughter) brilliantly perform her Olympic themed dance before ‘God Save The Queen’ was belted out by a ten year old girl from Belles dance group.

I’ve spent the rest of the weekend relaxing (watched E3 with Angelo yesterday) and chilled with Cheeks today. Lovely stuff!

Long to reign over us, God save the Queen!