Why I won’t be watching the Paralympic 2012 games

“Are you looking forward to watching the Paralympic Games Kev?”
:::: uncomfortable silence ::::
“You evil, heartless bastard!”

I have been asked the question above more times in the past fortnight than I can count and it is taking all of my will power not to go into a tremendous rant at the person asking it. Therefore, I thought I would blog a quick rant instead and get it all out of my system.  See, blogging has it’s uses folks.

My decision not to watch the London 2012 Paralympic Games belies my considerable respect for everyone who will take part and compete in the events; anyone who channels lots of effort in pursuit of enjoyment or personal achievement will always be someone I respect and admire.

My ‘problem’ lies with the media portrayal of the games and the ‘wishy washy’ peer pressure that has soaked into British society; I am utterly sick of how sycophantic the BBC and ITV news coverage is in delivering it’s news articles about the build up.  Quite frankly I find them offensive.

Smug, fake tanned, able-bodied (what a horrendous term that is!?!) media types with fake smiles interview the athletes in the most patronising fashion; I found myself struggling not to vomit or kick my television tonight whilst they showcase a news piece about how you can get into a wheelchair and experience London to ‘feel what it is like to be a Paralympian’.

Seriously, what the fuck!?

The notion of considering someones life and challenges is certainly profound, but the method employed by ITV/BBC is surrounded by tasteless gimmicks?

What must it be like to overcome adversity and personal challenges to take part in such sports?  That consideration alone should highlight the importance of the Paralympic Games, not all the politically correct dross that seems to accompany it?

I have already heard people talking about the Games and they have clearly missed the point.  Many ask questions like “How can you have a person with X disability against a person with Y disability in the swimming?”.  Why even consider things like that?  Just appreciate them for having a bloody good go at it?!

The ‘sensational’ style of coverage is similar to that which makes me avoid programmes like the ‘X Factor’ where they do a 3 minute piece on how ‘Shantell’ has brought up here 30 half brothers in the darkest parts of Peckham, does 3 jobs and singing is her ticket out of a rough neighbourhood.  Personally, I just want to see the bitch sing?

The back story with each athelete is certainly worth hearing because it is so important to understand the personal achievements involved in overcoming their disabilities; I also have a huge admiration for the members of our Armed Forces who are taking part in the Games, so soon after having suffered life changing personal injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Heroes all.

I don’t think “Ahhhhh bless” when I see Paralympic athletes, I think “WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

“Ahhhh bless” is definitely the theme of the Paralympic Games as told by the BBC and ITV, personally, I think that detracts tremendously from the achievements that will undoubtedly take place over the course of the next few days?

Good luck to all the athletes!  You make your nations proud.

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