Hillsborough -The Truth

The truth revealed today surrounding the Hillsborough scandal has shocked me to the core.  Wow.

Lesser men have tried to cover the tracks of their own disgusting behaviour and poor decision making resulted in the deaths and damaged reputations of innocent people. 

The families of those involved have endured unthinkable anguish for so long and I salute them for their courage in pursuing justice. 

I chose to sign the petition to release the report many moons ago because I had read many of the family statements; I tried to imagine what it would have been like to experience it when at a game with my Dad.  What would I have done?

As much as I tried, I could not comprehend such a tragic loss of life.  Let alone the cover-up and smears that surround that fateful day when 96 people loss their lives.

I still remember it happening on the TV, my Mum was crying and my Dad was utterly stunned.  I only hope that those responsible are fully exposed.

Following Manchester United I have been to many games over the years and heard the sick exchanges from United fans who sang about Hillsborough in poor taste during games; I hope that will stop now, along with other pointless chants that have no place in football (the Munich taunt for example).

Football is football and I will always love the fantastic banter between rival fans and the common ground people find even though they are from different walks of life. 

The true legacy of Hillsborough is that the truth will out eventually; my thoughts are with the families and loved ones of those who have lost someone dear. 

You will never walk alone.