An Idiot NOT Abroad – Tom Chatterton on

I got side tracked by an article about Amanda Knox on today; I had been reading about the escape of the three kidnapped women in Ohio and thought I’d have a quick mooch around on the site. has become a guilty pleasure of mine over the years, purely because you are absolutely guaranteed to come across some EXTREMELY stupid comments in the discussion thread following each article.

Today’s prize winner is Tom Chatterton who suggests that American’s should forgoe overseas travel and just go to the Epcot Centre in Disney World, Florida because it’s the next best thing?!!

Tom, you prize cunt, that’s a bit like saying “Hey y’all, don’t waste time having real sex; just go out and buy a copy of ‘Sluts Vs Dwarf Wives 4’ on DVD instead!  It’s the next best thing!”.

Tom also suggests that it’s better to live safe from extradition in sanctuary, rather than fight to clear your name and show the World you are not a coward?

What an upstanding member of socity you must be Tom Chatterton?

You complete and utter twat!