Do they know it’s Antikrishmas?

I do not use Twitter very often; both the comments that I make on Facebook and posts via Antikrish are automatically published there without a great deal of second thought from me.

That said, I decided to log in to Twitter this evening for the first time in several days and catch up with what the cool kids are talking about; only to find dozens and dozens of messages from some very angry Ethiopians!?!?

Eventually it clicked why I might be getting the messages; the back story is as follows:

I had 3 pints of Shandy on Friday with a colleague after work(crazy I know), only to be confronted with the news story that a commercial ‘Dreamliner’ luxury aircraft had caught fire and had to be evacuated.

Below the BBC headline it simply said “Ethiopia Airlines grounds it’s fleet of 50 Dreamliner aircraft” which prompted me to post the following comment on Facebook.







This, I thought, was a perfectly acceptable question?  Especially when you consider the recent piece in the Guardian newspaper which suggests that the UK spent £261.5m on aid to Ethiopia in 2012-13.   It also said: “Ethiopia has experienced impressive growth and development in recent years, but remains poor and vulnerable.

My Mum’s poor and vulnerable, she doesn’t have her own fleet of aircraft, or International aid handouts?

The ‘vulnerable’ messages that I received from Twitter ranged from tongue-in-cheek jokes to out-and-out threats.  I favourited the former and responded to the latter with some abuse of my own.

I was also made aware of Ethiopian distaste for Indian migrants, my brothers in solidarity are apparently servants in their country and much hated from what I can gather?

Well, I just had to sling some mud back for that didn’t I?  (see below)

My favourite thing about all of this has to be the random tweet from Ethiopian Airlines when I hadn’t contacted them 🙂