A distinct lack of manners

A lack of manners in others is something that I simply can not stomach.

I have lost count of how many times I’ve wanted to slap someone out here; either for not acknowledging a courteous gesture that I’ve made or seeing someone behave without any consideration for others.

Picture the following scenario.

You arrive in a busy dining hall area and swarms of people of different nationality are preparing for all out war. 

Assume you are 6’4″, have a broad chest the size of a WWE wrestler AND wish to enter a small-ish doorway in order to get food. 

Do you:

A – Assess the flow of people, take into consideration the size of the doorway and your own physical presence before deciding that it’s probably prudent to allow someone to come out with their plate if food before you go in.

B – Power walk through the doorway without prior consideration and then stand in the other person’s way with a stupid look on your face without any attempt to communicate or indicate that you intend to move a certain way.  Shrug your shoulders for good measure before walking forward in a game of dinner buffet ‘chicken’.  You blink, you lose.

C – Arrogantly strut through the doorway with several of your mutant children (leaving two sat at the table to hold your seats) and let them create havoc whilst you go about cherry picking the best selection of food thanks to the distraction that your idiotic offspring have created.

If your answer is A, you’re probably French, German, Spanish (add a bit more posing to the scenario if you are Spanish) or me. 

If your answer is B, you’re most likely Ukrainian or from the North of England.

If your answer is C, you’re definitely from the North of England!

It’s actually gotten to the point where I find the ‘Me first!’ attitude mildly amusing?  Although I think such people are Class A cunts.

When did English values fail so miserably, especially whilst we are representing our Country and the legacy of our parents overseas?

No, I insist, after you old chap….

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  1. Lorraine

    I could picture your face flared nostrils. I was going to tell you about all in clusive hols but thought the experience would be good. Yay ha xxxx enjoy xx barge em

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