Putin’s letter to America – The New York Times

I read Vladimir Putin’ s letter to the American people with great mirth today; I am rather surprised that the New York Times printed such a story?  

And, a day after 11/9, sorry,  9/11…….

There has already been a BIG reaction Stateside to Putin’s opinion that Americans were not ‘exceptional’ and that God creates equally.

This struck me as being particularly hypocritcal because of the attitude his country currebtly has towards gay people and the discriminatory laws that now target them?

Furthermore, citing UN protocol is even more hypocritical, with reference to the way Russia pummelled Georgia and Chechnya? 

Where was Putin’s concern for the Pope’s opinion when the tanks rolled in to Ergneti in 2008?

Putin’s address to the American people would have been quite poignant, had anyone other than Putin delivered it!?!

“We must stop using the language of force and return to the path of civilised diplomatic and political settlement. “

Is it me, or can you hear the politburo undertones from the former Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB?

It reminds me of growing up as a kid and reading the political rhetoric between The Cold War players in our news!  

The sad thing is, I quite agree with what Putin has said, aside from the religious babble obviously!