Yet another high profile case involving some men of Pakistani origin, also known as Pakistani’s, ‘grooming’ a very vulnerable underage young woman.

There are few things that genuinely make my heart sink in the news, what with all the sexed up, over-exagerated rubbish you see every day in our media.   But this case, and others like it, make me ashamed of the human race.

I would also like for the term ‘grooming’ to be banned from use in such cases and replaced with something more befitting such an evil practice?

Much like the tabloid reading simpletons who laid siege to a paediatricians home after mistaking the owner for a paedophile; how long will it be before we start seeing hoodie and skinhead lynch mobs dishing out self righteous ‘justice’ to dog barbers and horse owners who groom their 7 year old fillies?