Why I won’t be doing an ice bucket challenge.

The ice bucket fad sweeping social media has finally arrived on my doorstep; thank you Dominic Clegg for your gracious nomination.

Personally, I think the whole ice bucket thing is a load of bollocks; it is very sad that it takes a gimmick for people to give to charity in the first place?

I appreciate that ‘charity through fun’ has its place in society, but I feel an awful lot of people who are participating in the ice bucket challenge are doing so for cheap self publicity on Facebook and Twitter. 

Either that, or peer pressure is so strong amongst some weak willed people that they can’t stick two fingers up at it and walk away in a carefree fashion.

It also seems that very few people know anything about the charity behind it, or the research methods they use (mindful of Pamela Andersons letter about animal testing in relation to the charity linked the ice bucket challenge).

I’ve always questioned why people must self promote when they do charity; for example, why do people spend money to go to orphanages in Africa so they can plaster Facebook with them posing with poor kids!?!

Instead, donate the cost of their plane ticket and volunteer to a worthy cause at home?  A hospice for example.

I’m sure I’ll be slandered for backing out of doing the challenge; quite frankly I don’t give a fuck and reserve my right to consider the whole thing ‘a bit of an arse’.

Just give generously when you can to a worthy charity of your choice.