Byrnes Pie And Eel House Wallington

Why did I wait so long!?! For 30 odd years I turned my nose up at offerings of Pie and Mash, freshly sourced from Tooting by Dad and more recently, Mum scuttling back with take away from Wallington.
I’ll be honest, the mere sight of pie and mash when I was a kid, made me gag. But no more, I’m converted.
I decided to take Mum to Byrnes pie and eel house in wallington for her birthday. Mick and his wife often drop some in when Mum’s not up to the walk and I could not be in any more awe at their respect for her than I am.
Mick actually gave her meal for free because it’s her birthday today and I thought that was out of this World.
It’s fantastic seeing the positive impact they have made in a community that is otherwise drowning in Halal chicken shops. Old school and traditional in every way.
The pies are fresh, deliciously tasty along with lovely mash and liquor. Absolutely marvellous.
Don’t hesitate to try, you won’t regret it trust me!
My only regret was not leaving room for pudding. But Il’l be back! Oh yes!
Happy Birthday Mum.