2022 – A prediction.

We seem to be rapidly approaching a brexit/covid catastrophe here in the UK, which will likely begin in earnest from January 2022. Things are going to get very, very grim here. I only hope it is eventually enough to topple this fascist libertarian Government!

Ahead of the chaos, our Government have banned protesting and you can currently face imprisonment and big fines for doing so. Most people are unaware of this because they are distracted by Boris Johnsons scruffy appearance and other ‘dead cat’ news stories.

The entire UK infrastructure will collapse with the sheer number of people off sick with Covid-19.

The UK State controlled media are already having people parrot-phrase how mild the effects of Omicron are, but looking at the data, it will be the sheer volume of cases that will overwhelm and cripple every aspect of our infrastructure, rather than deaths etc.

Transport. Retail. Energy supply. Sanitary processes like bin collections. Water purification. You name it, will all crash.

The NHS will be in utter chaos through lack of staff, people literally dying not necessarily of covid, but from understaffing and a lack of resources. Added to the fact Rishi Sunak is alleged to have been in California this week, making deals to privatise the weakened NHS, we should all be very worried!

As if that is not bad enough, the new customs rules coming in on 1st Jan will see massive food shortages and huge price rises and the tabloids will try to blame ‘new EU rules’, but it is what the UK voted to become as a Third Country. They aren’t new rules! If you voted for Brexit, this is what you voted for!

But people who have bought into the culture of Brexit will look to Europe and blame them after Daily Mail fingers start pointing, rather than confront the reality that this was planned by our own Governments

I sincerely hope I’m wrong. But the writing is on the wall! Crazy price hikes. Inflation. Tax increases.