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The word Antikrish was created by myself (Kev) in my late teens as an alter ego for writing poetry, lyrics and opinions. Being 6’4″, broad and (somewhat white skin toned) I’m aesthetically the exact opposite of what normally comes with being Anglo-Indian. That is to say I am NOT olive skinned, I don’t have black hair and I’m not a a stunted dwarf.

My Great-Grandfather Kunhi Krishnan was exiled by his traditional Southern Indian family because they did not agree with his lifestyle. Kunhi’s ‘crime’ was that he converted to Christianity and made a life with a German divorcee, so his family gave him a living funeral, buried an effigy of him to simulate his ‘death’ and excommunicated him for life. What a bag of bastards?

From all accounts, my Great-Grandfather was an amazing man, who placed great importance on family life through incredibly tough times.

It is a pity that so many people of Asian descent decide to change their surname into something a bit more western to escape the taboo of being Indian; I am glad that my Father kept Kunhi’s surname, I am extremely proud to carry my fathers name.

That said, being white and carrying the name Krishnan in England can be quite an interesting experience to say the least. I’ve frequently encountered ignorance from both English people and those with Indian heritage. I once got locked in a petrol garage in my early twenties because the Indian staff had thought I’d stolen Mr Krishnan’s VISA card and subsequently put on the security lock and threatened to call the police until I produced further ID.

I also got called various ‘Indian’ things at school and would often find an onion bhaji planted in my lunchbox for a laugh (and yes, I did laugh at that). So instead of being a prisoner of my own name, I decided to turn the tables a little.

So why Antikrish you ask? Basically people of Indian origin occasionally poke fun at a ‘gora’ (Hindi for whitey) and I decided I would use this and become ‘Gora – The Antikrish’ which is basically a pun of Anti-Christ and embrace something offensive and turn it into something amusing.

So instead of being the Antichrist, I became the Antikrish.

And that as they say, is that.



So. What’s it all about then!?

I created the Antikrish website because I love to write. It was my intention to blog my experiences in life and offer my twisted opinions about various aspects of it; occasionally parodising what it is to be Anglo Indian (Very, very, very technically at least).

I make a great deal of reference to being Anglo-Indian on the site and hope that the content within my blog is received with the good humour that is intended. If you don’t like it, you can fuck off
Indeed, within this website I shall explain life, the universe and Keema Naan!