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World Trade Centre – Minaret Or Spire?

They have finally hoisted up the very phallic-looking spire which makes the new World Trade Centre the third tallest building in the world.

You’d probably be forgiven (probably not by Americans) if you thought the spire looked like a very expensive butt plug; personally, I reckon the spire bears a remarkable similarity to a minaret?

In Arabic, “Minaret” means “beacon”. It is a slim, heighted tower that is usually one of the tallest architecture in the city. It arises as a part of the mosque, the religious worshipping place of the Islamic community and is used for calling adhan.

All the spire needs is a crescent moon and the ‘Freedom Tower’ becomes Mohammad Ali Tuq Tuq Haroon.

I wonder if any rednecks out there have any ‘Bin Laden’ monument conspiracy theories?

What do you think folks?