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Pakistani floods

Louis-George Arsenalt, director of emergency operations for UNICEF in New York, described the lack of financial support for those affected by recent floods in Pakistan as “quite extraordinary”.

Really Mr Arse-tronaut, really?! Why Is it so hard to believe that people around the World might think twice about helping out Pakistan?

A country seemingly unable to halt the plight of its people whilst foot-loose and fancy free to find £Billions to fund a Nuclear weapons programme in order to rattle sabres with India?

Furthermore this is the same country with religious fanatics burning the Union Jack in their city streets; so why is there now a double standard when they need us ‘infidels’ to dig into our pockets?

I am genuinely saddened to see the suffering of so many; however corruption has prevented a good chunk of previous charity efforts finding it’s way to the people who need it and I for one am very cynical about this happening again.

That along with Pakistan’s link to international terrorism will undoubtedly make people think twice about giving generously?

It is probably just as well that the Pakistani Government had the foresight to begin the systematic evacuation of it’s citizens to the UK in the 1950’s…….

One questions how the floods began in the first place? Mustapha Leik?