The Music



My good friend Alex and I started doing music together around Christmas 1993 after we became good friends whilst working in the photographic department of Boots the Chemist in Croydon, Surrey.  Alex is also Anglo Indian and he was something of a mentor to me in terms of my musical growth and exploring my ancestral roots.

A mutual appreciation of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band led to us writing such classics as ‘Plastic Leg Blues’, ‘Have it now’ and the seminal hit, ‘I don’t want no messy sex with you momma!’.

Before I met baldy, I personally had no history of playing a musical instrument apart from the stubbled-Kazoo and instead lent a hand producing Alex’s until the age of 18 when I decided to learn how to play guitar. I spent a few weeks strumming on a twelve string guitar following a life changing nasal operation and after a packet of maltesers and a dozen or so nasal tampons later; the ‘Antikrish’ was truly born.

During a 7 year recording stint we single handedly created the ‘Croydon Pizza Delivery Boom’ period in the mid-late 1990’s due to our post mixdown Playstation evenings and went on to pioneer the ¾ time spoon playing shuffle technique now recognised as THE standard in pop (popular) music today.

We’ve never gigged, we’ve never released an album commercially and to be honest, thank god for that. Who wants groupies?

Nowadays, I tend to just play guitar for recreational purposes but I keep threatening to do music on my own; who knows, one day I might stop procrastinating and actually record something!?

Here’s a few snippets of old stuff, just in case you fancied a mooch!


Movin’ On

You Stink!

Blood Red River


Come On!!!!

Give A Little Help (Rock version, take 3)

Give A Little Help (Rock version, take 2)

Little Potatoes


Kev – Indian instrumental (take 2)

Kev – Instrumental 15th August 2009 (take 1)

SNIPPETS FROM OLD TRACKS (Full versions will appear soonish).

The Otherside

Tears We Didn’t Cry


My Woman

All My Days

So Long

Give A Little Help (Ragtime version)

Check My Mike