Krishnan Genealogy

“You don’t look Indian” or “You’d never know!” are the two of the most common and utterly stupid comments that I get from when someone reacts to the link between my surname and my light skin pigmentation.

“……………really?  Does Momma know?!” and “No shit Sherlock!” really ought to be my response, but I usually just smile and nod.

The phrase ‘An apple does not fall far from the tree’ simply does not apply in relation to my physical genealogical and evolution; it’s probably fairer (no pun intended) to say ‘the apple blew off during a monsoon, mutated into a conference pear and ended up in next doors garden’.

To give a very simply representation of my Anglo Indian ancestry, I have prepared the ‘Krishnan to Antikrish evolutionary paint chart’.



So there you have it, from chocolate drop to hundreds and thousands in 4 generations.

Dad and I were not so much ‘chalk n cheese’, but ‘chalk n charcoal’ in physical terms.

That said, my Dad and I both shared a love for curry, greasy spoon cafes, Manchester United, laughing at the inflicted and gambling; I’m a great deal more successful than the old man was at walking out after a good win and paying my bills!.

1-0 to Darwin methinks?