8 thoughts on “IMG_0619

  1. indra abee

    woow… nice bike 🙂
    unfortunately, yamaha(YMCI) doesn’t realise the YZF -R125 in Indonesia 😦

    now i just ride the FZ16, whereas i want that YZF-R…
    i hope YMCI will realise it 🙂

  2. Kevin Post author

    Hey, thanks for posting. 🙂

    That’s a shame, you’re definitely missing out! How much is it to import one?

  3. indra abee

    yeah… its about $8000 if i want to import its in my country 😦 thats is out of my budget for realize 😛
    anyway nice to meet you kevin 🙂

  4. Kevin Post author

    8000?!? That’s obscene; boy, that’s a business opportunity if ever I saw one!

    Great to meet you too 🙂

  5. indra abee

    indeed what the price of r125 in there? and how the availability of spare parts there for r125? body fairing and headliaght particular. some in Indonesia who have a yamaha vixion want to modify the bike if the price is affordable. 🙂

  6. Kevin Post author

    I bought my R125 for £1500, and it was 5-6 years old. Parts are easy to come by because they’re so easy to smash up 🙂

    The high performance comes at a price though; the bike eats plugs, the piston rings need replacing more quite often and cleaning the power valve is a pain!

    I found a headlight through an official Aprilia dealer for the same price most were offering on ebay, the tricky thing to replace is the fairings which are extortionate brand new.

    And finding usable seconds on e bay is like playing roulette!

  7. heirea

    Hi Kevin. Love that bike of yours. Here in Singapore it will cost us some SGD$13,000 for this sweet machine. Machine price around SGD$10,500, insurance ~SGD$600, certificate of entitlement SGD$2233. Hefty indeed.

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