My new Yamaha YZF R125


Hey hey rat fans, pappas got a brand new, erm, motorbike. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyeeee!

As some of you may know, my Aprilia RS 125’s engine seized a couple of weeks ago and it’s currently sitting in my garage requiring a full rebuild; suffice to say that I thought my motorbiking days were over for the time being. That was until my fairygodmother Joan helped me out of a jiffy. Thank you very much Mrs Martin, I genuinely do not deserve your love and kindness. You are one of a kind.

Yamaha are running a 3 years 0% interest free finance deal on the ultra economical and reliable 4 stroke YZF R125 motorbike, so I signed on the dotted linel; and I have to say that I am very glad that I did. Just running in 20-30 miles today was sufficient to realise just how good a bike this is. The gearchanges are already easy, the engine has a wonderful tone to it and the ride position actually accomodates someone of my rather imposing stature. I have to ‘run the engine in’ for 600 miles before I can begin taking up towards the higher speeds that the bike can achieve.

I daresay I will be out blogging adventures to obscure coastal towns again very soon, well, that will be the case if the weather picks up again. Then again, if the rain comes the people stay away from the beaches and I’m not too bothered about having a Mr Whippy on the beach if it’s spitting!

So here you go, feast your eyes. Wagga wagga.



5 thoughts on “My new Yamaha YZF R125

  1. josh

    i have the 08 version and have fallen in love sooooo much better than an aprillia and very reliable good choice their son !

  2. Kevin Post author

    Hey Josh, thanks for posting. Hope you’re enjoying your bike, agree with you about the Aprilia, although I do miss that power band sometimes!

  3. josh

    yee i know what you mean but the sound of them isnt great and the fact they need engine re-builds every 5000 miles is just crazy. A couple of my friends have the YZF and we go on some great rides! Where abouts do you live ?

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