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Kallax Breakfast Bar – Ikea Hack

My Ikea hack Kallax Breakfast Bar project is finally complete!

For £63, you too can build this Frankenstein’s monster breakfast bar that is both movable and able to store all manner of kitchen shit; there are a vast array of storage options available in the Ikea Kallax range, like the fancy wicker basket cubes and drawers.

For this job, you need a tape measure, a carpenters awl, a pencil and some countersunk wood screws.

  1. Screw the Castor wheels onto the bottom corners of the Kallax
  2. Drill 11mm holes into the Kallax top for the Capita bolts.
  3. Fix the Capita arms/brackets to the Linnnmon table top
  4. Pop the Capita bolts through the drill holes and fix the nut/washer at the other end.
  5. Done.

Here are the bits you’ll need.

  • Castors – Article no: 966.713.00
  • Linnmon Table top – Article no: 702.513.49
  • Capita Brackets (X2 packs) – 400.511.96
  • Kallax Shelving Unit – 202.758.14



Lego Beatles Yellow Submarine

I finally found time to build my Lego Beatles Yellow Submarine set; it was great fun from start to finish and I am thoroughly impressed with the design!

I remember first watching Yellow Submarine at my Uncles house in Brixton with my cousins Jason and Barry, I think I was probably 6 or 7 years old and I can still recall how absolutely surreal and wonderful it was seeing it for the first time.

The Lego set perfectly captures the style and spirit of the animated film and the plinth for the Beatles minfigs to stand on is a nice touch.

Lego minifig display – Ikea large Ribba frame

I’ve finally finished putting together my large Lego Minifig display!  Wooohooo!

Like my previous attempts using Ikea Ribba frames:

*) I glued and pin-fixed some pine strip wood for the shelves and sprayed them up black to match the frame. 

*) Glued in the minifig bases.

So this left me in a quandary regarding the background picture!  What could I use to set off my Star Wars Minifigs!?

With mounted card as my canvas, I used several colours of gloss spray paint and some plant pots to create a galaxy scene with gas giant planets, stars and a nebula.  I’m quite chuffed with it!!!



So here you are, the finished article.