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Kallax Breakfast Bar – Ikea Hack

My Ikea hack Kallax Breakfast Bar project is finally complete!

For £63, you too can build this Frankenstein’s monster breakfast bar that is both movable and able to store all manner of kitchen shit; there are a vast array of storage options available in the Ikea Kallax range, like the fancy wicker basket cubes and drawers.

For this job, you need a tape measure, a carpenters awl, a pencil and some countersunk wood screws.

  1. Screw the Castor wheels onto the bottom corners of the Kallax
  2. Drill 11mm holes into the Kallax top for the Capita bolts.
  3. Fix the Capita arms/brackets to the Linnnmon table top
  4. Pop the Capita bolts through the drill holes and fix the nut/washer at the other end.
  5. Done.

Here are the bits you’ll need.

  • Castors – Article no: 966.713.00
  • Linnmon Table top – Article no: 702.513.49
  • Capita Brackets (X2 packs) – 400.511.96
  • Kallax Shelving Unit – 202.758.14



Indian Lego Minifigs – Gunnabo Ikea Frame hack

Ikea Ribba frames are the preferred choice for most Lego minifig display frame ideas; however the new Gunnabo frames are also good for a hack.


I used panel pins to pop in some strip wood and spray painted the inner frame, just as I did with the Ribba frames.

As you can see, I decided to make a mini feature using Indian Minifigs, you know, because I’m a bit of a Joe.

Do you like my colouring-in background?  😉


I’m particularly pleased to give my Sikh minifig a beard using a Father Christmas piece left over from my Lego Advent Calendar.

The completed frame goes quite nicely with the Ribba doesn’t it?


IKEA Dioder – a simple way to backlight your T.V.

IKEA Dioder is a really inexpensive LED system to put multicoloured lighting behind T.V. or around counters and units.

I bought two packs, combined the 4 LED strips and mounted them onto the back of my T.V. using double sided scotch tape; the little remote control is cool and allows you to control the pace of the light changes.

Buy it noooooooooooooow!

Modifying Ikea Besta Furniture

My room uses a variety of units from the IKEA Besta range; I originally put the style in my room just over a year ago and I felt that this weekend was the perfect time to tinker with a couple of things before my new bed arrived.

Although I love my room, I was not quite happy with a few things; the small unit that I housed my PC tower on was my idea for a raised plinth, however it wasn’t very practical and the 13 or so fans within the tower can make for a bloody cold experience when using the PC during the winter.

So, I decided to swap out the existing unit and pop in the next size up in it’s place, but first I’d be making a few changes.

With the use of a jigsaw and a circular saw, I cut a side panel into the unit and cleaved off a good chunk out of the door; the idea being to allow the PC to ‘breathe’ and enjoy good ventilation but being obscured by my chair and the other unit adjacent to it.

Personally, I am much happier with the modification and like how easy the Besta units are to customise.  Very sturdy!

The change allowed me to consider making others……