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Modifying Ikea Besta Furniture

My room uses a variety of units from the IKEA Besta range; I originally put the style in my room just over a year ago and I felt that this weekend was the perfect time to tinker with a couple of things before my new bed arrived.

Although I love my room, I was not quite happy with a few things; the small unit that I housed my PC tower on was my idea for a raised plinth, however it wasn’t very practical and the 13 or so fans within the tower can make for a bloody cold experience when using the PC during the winter.

So, I decided to swap out the existing unit and pop in the next size up in it’s place, but first I’d be making a few changes.

With the use of a jigsaw and a circular saw, I cut a side panel into the unit and cleaved off a good chunk out of the door; the idea being to allow the PC to ‘breathe’ and enjoy good ventilation but being obscured by my chair and the other unit adjacent to it.

Personally, I am much happier with the modification and like how easy the Besta units are to customise.  Very sturdy!

The change allowed me to consider making others……