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Futurama – Bender

Thomas Tank Engine – Indian characters

Thomas the Tank Engine are adding 14 new characters to the sleepy railway of Sodor to diversify the cast.

Mattel have unveiled a fantastic array of offensively politically correct trains representing cultures around the globe.

My personal favourites are Ashima and Rajiv from India; although I think Mattel missed a trick by not adding the hundreds of Indians who hang off the trains?

Here’s a more accurate depiction of Rajiv by yours truly.


The new characters will make their debut in the new film, The Great Race, which will be released in the UK in May 2016.

The Great Race sounds a bit Nazi if you ask me?

I sincerely hope they bring Ringo Starr back as narrator and let him showcase his best Maharishi accent for the voice of Rajiv.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy is a breath of fresh air when it comes to comic book super hero movies; I absolutely love the Avengers and their individual films, but there is something truly epic and unique about Guardians

Well, lots of somethings actually.

I watched the film in glorious IMAX format, utterly transfixed as the eye popping visuals took me away to a very weird but familiar Marvel galaxy.

Throughout the film, I kept thinking “if Star Wars Episode 7 is half as good as this, it’ll be amazing”.  It has that kind of feeling about it, I say again, EPIC.

In the year or so that lead up to the films release, I often wondered how they would pull off bringing cult favourites Rocket Racoon (a furry, talking rodent Han Solo) and Root (an Ent-like tree version of Cheebacca) to life.


The answer, they absolutely smashed it.  I loved every second of Groot and Rocket on the screen; Bradley Cooper’s voice acting is a perfect fit to the CGI and Groot’s animation is phenomenal?!?


I thought Drax was hilarious, Dave Bautista was the surprise package in this film for me; his deadpan delivery was priceless and I love how he brought one of my favourite characters to life.

Zoe Saldana was an inspired choice for Gamora, not many actresses could portray her with such a rich mix of masculinity and femininity.  She kicks arse.

Saving the best for last, Chris Pratt IS Star Lord.  Wow.  The ‘child of the 80’s’ retro character theme brought a smile to my face, every time he swaggered around on the screen. 

I still have my Walkman and awesome mix tape 😉

The ‘dance off’ with Ronan The Accuser was hilarious, great to see the director taking risks like that to bring something unique to the film. 

The casting is excellent throughout, great villains and supporting characters truly bring the Marvel galaxy to life. 


I must say, it was utterly cool NOT hearing the usual wannabe comic geeks pretending like they were familiar with the characters; nor did I hear any regurgitated Wikipedia facts about the characters during the credits like I often hear during Marvel films. 

When Howard The Duck popped up in the credits scene and everybody around me were saying “who the fuck is that?!?”.  That was a great moment.  Fuck you mainstream!

I’m looking forward to seeing how they weave the Guardians into the Avengers 3rd movie along with Doctor Strange.  I actually think I may wet myself with excitement when I see them all on screen.

Josh Brolin will be excellent as Thanos.  When that chair turned around and Thanos appeared in full…!!


As for Guardians of the Galaxy.  More please!


Star Wars Ice Cube Trays From Lakeland

I was rather chuffed to find these very cool (ho de ho de ho) Star Wars ice cube trays in Lakelands last week.

£6.99 for each tray, bargain!!?

You can currently get two different trays, ‘Ships’ (Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, AT-AT and Death Star) or ‘Characters’ (Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C3PO). I grabbed both!

They are very well made and I think you could probably use them to mould jelly and chocolate as well; I thought it’d be fun to freeze orange squash to show off the details, no, it’s not my own urine.

The Lego Movie

Just home from the cinema having seen ‘The Lego Movie’; I can honestly say I’ve not seen such a crazy and enjoyable film for ages!?

The animation is fantastic, as is the vast array of voice talent on offer throughout the film; Liam Neeson as ‘Bad Cop’ was hilarious.

It’s a non-stop ride from start to finish and the film genuinely took me back to my childhood once I clapped eyes on the retro Spaceman and the original knights.

I don’t normally watch ‘the making of’ documentaries that comes with a dvd release, but I think I’ll make an exception when this film comes out on blu-ray.   How the hell did they come up with it?

There must be some very, very talented people behind this film, most of whom were probably dropping acid from start to finish??

Go and see it!

Fringe finale – spoiler free

Spoiler free.

I was glad to see the Fringe series get a decent send off; I stuck through it during the slight dip that occurred halfway through and thought the final episode wrapped things up nicely.

There were so many of the things in the finale that reminded me of the first season,  which was obviously the point!   I can still remember being glued to the first season as they unveiled the pattern. 
The emotional scenes between key players was also done extremely well and I am sad that I will not see John Noble portray Walter Bishop again because he created a legendary character.

Oh well!   Good bye Fringe,  gone,  but not forgotten!