Resident Evil Damnation

I watched the animated (CGI) ‘Resident Evil – Damnation’ film today and really enjoyed it; thought I’d post a quick review!

People often say the films are just glorified game cut scenes; to some extent that’s true, I personally think they are excellently animated and my attention didn’t stray from the format (probably because  I’m a Manga fan of old) and enjoyed the usual quirky characters!

Overall, I think I enjoy the Resident Evil films by Paul W S Anderson as elements of them are true to the gaming series; however I genuinely wonder what a ‘serious’ director would have done with the franchise given the power of the back story that gives the games their impact.

The CGI Resident Evil films are as close to an alternative as you are going to get until Anderson stops churning out films and lets someone else have a go.

Unlike the last animated film (Resident Evil – Degeneration) there is clearly evidence of a much greater Japanese style and influence in the movie, particular in the action scenes.

I absolutely loved the scenes with the Tyrants and the Lickers.  Awesome.

As a huge fan of most things RE (Biohazard if you’re a hardcore fan) I hope there will be another film in the wings because they are getting better as they go; only time will tell if they bring Chris or Jill in as Leon surely deserves a nice break on a Caribbean Island?