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2022 – A prediction.

We seem to be rapidly approaching a brexit/covid catastrophe here in the UK, which will likely begin in earnest from January 2022. Things are going to get very, very grim here. I only hope it is eventually enough to topple this fascist libertarian Government!

Ahead of the chaos, our Government have banned protesting and you can currently face imprisonment and big fines for doing so. Most people are unaware of this because they are distracted by Boris Johnsons scruffy appearance and other ‘dead cat’ news stories.

The entire UK infrastructure will collapse with the sheer number of people off sick with Covid-19.

The UK State controlled media are already having people parrot-phrase how mild the effects of Omicron are, but looking at the data, it will be the sheer volume of cases that will overwhelm and cripple every aspect of our infrastructure, rather than deaths etc.

Transport. Retail. Energy supply. Sanitary processes like bin collections. Water purification. You name it, will all crash.

The NHS will be in utter chaos through lack of staff, people literally dying not necessarily of covid, but from understaffing and a lack of resources. Added to the fact Rishi Sunak is alleged to have been in California this week, making deals to privatise the weakened NHS, we should all be very worried!

As if that is not bad enough, the new customs rules coming in on 1st Jan will see massive food shortages and huge price rises and the tabloids will try to blame ‘new EU rules’, but it is what the UK voted to become as a Third Country. They aren’t new rules! If you voted for Brexit, this is what you voted for!

But people who have bought into the culture of Brexit will look to Europe and blame them after Daily Mail fingers start pointing, rather than confront the reality that this was planned by our own Governments

I sincerely hope I’m wrong. But the writing is on the wall! Crazy price hikes. Inflation. Tax increases.

Covid-19 UK 100,000 dead

100,000+ people have been murdered by the UK Governments deliberate mismanagement of COVID in the past year.

Just to put that into context, this 👇 is what 72,000 people looks like (pic from Live Aid at Wembley in 1985)

Japan has double the UK population but has just 7000 deaths!

The death rate will surely get a lot worse, what with the UK Government delaying the 2nd vaccine injection until 12 weeks instead of within 4 weeks which is recommended by the manufacturer.

By doing this, the Government are providing an environment to allow and encourage mutations to develop in the virus. Goodness knows what we will do if a vaccine immune strain appears because of them prolonging things in this way.

Boris Johnson and his cohorts should go to prison for a very long time.

Gash – A confession.

Years ago, I spotted a guy in the Burger King by East Croydon Station, who had the name ‘Gash’ on his nametag. 

I thought this was absolutely hilarious at the time; it has also made me cry laughing may years later, every time I saw a Burger King advert or shop.

Having done some soul searching during lockdown, I have realised how mean spirited I have been for all this time and want to make amends. 

Gash, if you’re out there, I’m sorry that I laughed dude. 

Love light and peace.


Whilst perusing the 5 star luxury Easyjet ‘Bistro’ in-flight menu, I happened to notice that the ‘Hot Magherita Mini Calzone’ is described as having “……an artisanal folded pizza base”.

Artisanal. ArtisANAL. Oh my….. Bum art?? Not sure I fancy that?

I know you always get shafted with expensive in-flight slop meals, but paying through the nose for an arty farty anal folding?

No thanks. Think I’ll just settle for the nuts…..

Bloody Bastard Airport Parents

I fucking can’t stand pushy parents who turn up at airport departure gates like they deserve business class VIP treatment, all because they have kids.

You can fucking do one bruv, if you think you are getting to your economy seat before me!

Do me a favour, stow the little bastards in the overhead locker so I can enjoy the safety demo in peace!

Dominic Clegg – In Memoriam

On the morning of Sunday the 29th of October, 2017, I found out that Dominic Clegg, one of my dearest friends, had passed away.

Dom was one of the Universes larger-than-life personalities; if I had to sum him up, I’d say he was a cheeky, mischievous, politically incorrect, Bernard Manning joke-loving schoolboy who was trapped in the body of a pork pie-eating behemothic Yorkshireman.

Cleggy always spoke his mind and was the most gifted wind-up merchant (all in good jest, I say, all in good jest!) who lived for cracking banter and laughter with his friends, but most important of all to him, was his family.  I honestly can’t recall a conversation with Dom, where he didn’t talk about or show me pictures of his wife or his two sons,  That is something I truly respected him for.

I first met Foghorn Clegghorn, as I called him, back in 2007 when we began working together for Mercedes-Benz; in all the time that I have known Dom, I have always wondered how somebody so fucking tight with money could be so amazingly popular?  I even know a few Northerners who thought he was tight!

Tight wasn’t the word!!?  This was a man who claimed absolutely everything he was entitled to on company expenses, Cadbury’s crème eggs, Monster Munch and the now-legendary ‘Triple Decker Pork Supreme’ sandwich that Dom purchased from the dodgiest motorway services stop in England.  He was so tight, he actually squeaked when he walked.

This was a guy who drew collective groans from everyone in the office when he made a rare visit to the office and inevitably tried to sell his infamous Christmas raffle tickets; Andy and I always teased him that we NEVER won any prizes from the poxy raffle and that the Northeners who carried out the draw, probably used to realise they had pulled out a foreigners (Foreigner = anyone south of Bradford) winning ticket and proceeded to draw another until they had found a suitable alternative.

I absolutely relished every second of the close-to-the-mark banter we shared, which was nearly always with Andy, our mutual colleague from Birmingham.  Whenever we met up, it was a case of ‘A Northerner, Brummie and Southerner walk into a bar…….’ and we were the butt of each others faux-distasteful jokes.  They were the best of times.

The biggest joke and ironic thing of all though, is that Dominic was originally from Kensington in London! He was more of a Londoner and a “Southern fairy” than I am!  From aristocratic Kensington no less!  Not that you would ever think that once you saw him wearing his flat cap and clutching his favourite whippet.  He was the embodiment of a true Yorkshireman, loved Rugby league, cider, ale and homing pigeons.  OK, the last one is a fib, but I loved giving him shit about how he had a pigeon called Speckled Jim.

Moving away from the Andy Capp stereotype, Dominic was actually the most unlikely Punk Music fan you’d ever meet (he was extremely passionate about music in general!) and was someone who actually loved curry as much as me.   Imagine that!?!

One of my favourite memories of Dom was sitting together in Kiplings, a curry house in Bradford.  Karma gave the big man a dry slap after he sat teasing me, constantly, whilst grinning ear-to-ear, about my Indian roots, in a fake Indian accent, whilst surrounded by Indian/Pakistani/Bangadeshi (delete as appropriate) waiters.  As I was tucking into my main dish, I suddenly witnessed Dom go bright red and cry like a girl, all because he chomped on the hottest chilli known to Yorkshireman, it was like something out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon and I can remember it like it was yesterday.

I don’t think I’ll ever fully comprehend what the World is going to be like without Dominic, how Andy and I will never be the three Mercedes-Benz Stooges ever again with him; I always think people like Dominic are invincible, immortal and ever-lasting because they truly are giants amongst men.

Dom was every bit of that, and will continue to be.
And I shall miss him.

T’Rest In Peace.