Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy is a breath of fresh air when it comes to comic book super hero movies; I absolutely love the Avengers and their individual films, but there is something truly epic and unique about Guardians

Well, lots of somethings actually.

I watched the film in glorious IMAX format, utterly transfixed as the eye popping visuals took me away to a very weird but familiar Marvel galaxy.

Throughout the film, I kept thinking “if Star Wars Episode 7 is half as good as this, it’ll be amazing”.  It has that kind of feeling about it, I say again, EPIC.

In the year or so that lead up to the films release, I often wondered how they would pull off bringing cult favourites Rocket Racoon (a furry, talking rodent Han Solo) and Root (an Ent-like tree version of Cheebacca) to life.


The answer, they absolutely smashed it.  I loved every second of Groot and Rocket on the screen; Bradley Cooper’s voice acting is a perfect fit to the CGI and Groot’s animation is phenomenal?!?


I thought Drax was hilarious, Dave Bautista was the surprise package in this film for me; his deadpan delivery was priceless and I love how he brought one of my favourite characters to life.

Zoe Saldana was an inspired choice for Gamora, not many actresses could portray her with such a rich mix of masculinity and femininity.  She kicks arse.

Saving the best for last, Chris Pratt IS Star Lord.  Wow.  The ‘child of the 80’s’ retro character theme brought a smile to my face, every time he swaggered around on the screen. 

I still have my Walkman and awesome mix tape 😉

The ‘dance off’ with Ronan The Accuser was hilarious, great to see the director taking risks like that to bring something unique to the film. 

The casting is excellent throughout, great villains and supporting characters truly bring the Marvel galaxy to life. 


I must say, it was utterly cool NOT hearing the usual wannabe comic geeks pretending like they were familiar with the characters; nor did I hear any regurgitated Wikipedia facts about the characters during the credits like I often hear during Marvel films. 

When Howard The Duck popped up in the credits scene and everybody around me were saying “who the fuck is that?!?”.  That was a great moment.  Fuck you mainstream!

I’m looking forward to seeing how they weave the Guardians into the Avengers 3rd movie along with Doctor Strange.  I actually think I may wet myself with excitement when I see them all on screen.

Josh Brolin will be excellent as Thanos.  When that chair turned around and Thanos appeared in full…!!


As for Guardians of the Galaxy.  More please!