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The Lego Movie

Just home from the cinema having seen ‘The Lego Movie’; I can honestly say I’ve not seen such a crazy and enjoyable film for ages!?

The animation is fantastic, as is the vast array of voice talent on offer throughout the film; Liam Neeson as ‘Bad Cop’ was hilarious.

It’s a non-stop ride from start to finish and the film genuinely took me back to my childhood once I clapped eyes on the retro Spaceman and the original knights.

I don’t normally watch ‘the making of’ documentaries that comes with a dvd release, but I think I’ll make an exception when this film comes out on blu-ray.   How the hell did they come up with it?

There must be some very, very talented people behind this film, most of whom were probably dropping acid from start to finish??

Go and see it!