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Lego minifig display – Ikea large Ribba frame

I’ve finally finished putting together my large Lego Minifig display!  Wooohooo!

Like my previous attempts using Ikea Ribba frames:

*) I glued and pin-fixed some pine strip wood for the shelves and sprayed them up black to match the frame. 

*) Glued in the minifig bases.

So this left me in a quandary regarding the background picture!  What could I use to set off my Star Wars Minifigs!?

With mounted card as my canvas, I used several colours of gloss spray paint and some plant pots to create a galaxy scene with gas giant planets, stars and a nebula.  I’m quite chuffed with it!!!



So here you are, the finished article.




Star Wars Ice Cube Trays From Lakeland

I was rather chuffed to find these very cool (ho de ho de ho) Star Wars ice cube trays in Lakelands last week.

£6.99 for each tray, bargain!!?

You can currently get two different trays, ‘Ships’ (Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, AT-AT and Death Star) or ‘Characters’ (Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C3PO). I grabbed both!



They are very well made and I think you could probably use them to mould jelly and chocolate as well; I thought it’d be fun to freeze orange squash to show off the details, no, it’s not my own urine.

Palazzo Casino – Antikrish versus the Machines – 20/10/2011

I promised my Dad 7 years ago that I’d go to Las Vegas and try my luck in the casino’s. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

I remember making a conscious decision to re-evaluated my betting reserve and eventually decided to spend no more than $200 (I originally budgeted for about $600).  As I explained in an earlier post, I didn’t feel ‘lucky’; so I reduced my betting budget accordingly and avoided the card and roulette tables completely.  I reasoned that I’d come back one day in the future and see how I felt then!  Not bad logic for a guy who had drunk an offensive amount of tequila eh?

My favourite slot machine was the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ themed slots, I won about $400-$500 dollars on 4 machines (they are usually grouped in 4’s).  I was pretty wasted from drinking the Margarita’s and not having eaten too much (wasn’t a huge fan of the buffet we went to); however, playing slot machines is pretty instinctive even when I’m inebriated due to the amount of time I spent in Selsey’s seaside arcades. So on I went.

I had a generous win of just over $300 dollars on the ‘Wheel of Fortune machine’ (see video below), the Old Man was definitely with me that night; it’s a shame I didn’t have a 5 at the end of the 3 and 4 (on the reels) as that would have won the house prize; approximately $350,000 dollars.

Lorraine had stopped gambling by that point (after a good flutter on the ‘Sex and the City’ machines) as I think she was watching her cash with view to more shopping and was a bit puzzled by how the machines worked.  So I gave her $20 of my winnings and went onto the ‘Monopoly’ themed machines for her; winning her $98.10 which paid for the pukka ‘Guess’ handbag she had seen at the outlet mall only earlier upon our arrival to Las Vegas.

My last run of luck was winning a couple of hundred dollars on the ‘Star Wars’ machine; I would love to have one in my house, it had some fantastic features and bonuses, plus video and sounds from the films. Artoo Deetoo was my bitch.

So I came away well ‘up’ on the night in terms of my winnings; I had also fulfilled my promise to dear Daddy who had seen me right with my luck.

Thank you Daddy!

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VIDEO 1 – The BIG win!

VIDEO 2 – Lorraine’s Win

VIDEO 3 – Star Wars win 1

VIDEO 4 – Star Wars win 2