Cort ‘Earth Grand’ acoustic guitar

Alex and I had a funky doorstep chat outside his flat last Saturday, South London style.  It may or may not have gone something like this:

“‘ere!!! Do you ‘ear about old Missus Miggins and her prosthetic fanny?!?”
“Oooooooh, well I never?!?! Is it a nice one!??”
“Yer, she got it from Argos you know!!  Sounds like a bleedin’ fog horn it does when her clam coughs”.
“What a cunt…..”

After 20 minutes of the usual Krishnan/Ghandi banter it eventually came to light that El Baldie has some new ideas for music bits. Huzzah. Alex has recently sold his drum kit which means the days of live jams are gone, certainly for the forseable future anyway which is a bit of a shame because I felt we’d started churning out some decent ideas during the sporadic sessions including “Come On!” and old tracks like “Blick”.

Nevermind though, it’s just not practical with noise levels/storage and all that jazz.  It’s just not cricket! However, all is not lost it seems because we intend to start doing acoustic based stuff instead.  Double huzzah!!!

So, on Saturday, 15th of August I’ll be toodling over to Al’s with the Tascam to lay some new ideas down and possibly rethink some existing songs like the new latin version of Marvin/Carry on which we came up with in October.  I really like the new arrangement on that track.

I’ll also be taking my brand new Cort ‘Earth Grand’ acoustic guitar which I purchased today from Martin Phelps music shop in South Croydon for the tidy sum of £199.99.  Yes, just £199.99!  That’s more than reasonable for an acoustic I think?  I was going to get a Yamaha as they’re great guitars but was so taken with the Cort that I almost ran out the shop with it.  I bought my Danelectro from Martin Phelps, I also get my amps serviced there and would highly recommend as they are fantastic they are to deal with.

I’ve never heard of Cort guitars before if I’m really honest, but I was really taken with it because it pretty much looks like a lump of wood with strings on, no fancy varnish or scratch plate which I found unusual.

I’ve played it tonight for just over an hour and my first impressions are that it’s a solid build, no string buzz, good construction and it has a lovely clear tone which makes it perfect for chords and picking (precisely what I was looking for).  So I’m really looking forward to Saturday week when Alex and I meet up and see what’s what.

So until then, feast your eyes. Party on garth!

2 thoughts on “Cort ‘Earth Grand’ acoustic guitar

  1. Eyal

    now after a year over, do you satisfied from her?

    im thinking to buy her..

    thank you from ahead,

    Eyal, Israel.

  2. Kevin Post author

    Hey Eyal.

    I think the build is great for a low budget acoustic guitar and I’d definitely recommend them.

    Kind regards

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