Old Recording Setup Piccy

vintage_equipment<———<< I found this photo whilst sorting out some bits. This is how we used to record…ah the good ol’ days 😉 I’m not 100% sure but I think that could be a packet of custard creams next to the white midi keyboard.

1 thought on “Old Recording Setup Piccy

  1. Kev

    Blimey, to think my backside used to fit in that chair once?

    Sadly the picture doesn’t show the Tom and Jerry shaped mousehole on the skirting of the wall behind the desk which we’d poke cables through in order to record in the next room which was the master bedroom (now the jam room).

    We’d often have quite a laugh on each side of the wall trying to snake an XLR from the desk through to the mic on the other side. Thankfully I never got poked in the eye by it, it was always a fear though.

    “To you, to you, can you see it yet? Owwww!!!!”.

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