Give A Little Help – Rock Version (rough take 3)


Following my post of Give a Little Helps new arrangement a couple of days ago I’ve been fiddling about on the desk listening to the track and chatting with Alex at great length about getting our first complete track up on the site for people to download. Our goal is to have a track up, hopefully, before I go away to the States in March.

The one thing we both love about the original rock version of Give a Little Help was the main guitar riff. We both decided to kick out the pick guitar for now because it muddles up the track and detracts from the simple formula of the song. The bass stays out (this was the bass from the Ragtime version of old and didn’t go) and just focus on drums, acoustic and main lead guitar for now.

I have also edited down several versions of the track for Alex to practice drums and vocals for; this is in view to our planned recording session scheduled for Friday the 15th February 2008.

So here we go, below is the latest take of the song and essentially will be the guide track for what will be used to make the final master for the song.

There’s a few surprises in store for this track, one of which I’m personally very much looking forward to, purely for the ROCK factor, and also because I think it’ll give a really good edge to the song.