Have you packed yet?!

I’m feeling very cool about going away tomorrow, I’ve had several texts this morning wishing me a safe trip, and an e mail from old baldie bonce which I was rather chuffed at.  I salute you Alexander old chap, tally ho and pip pip!. 

Anyway, “have you packed yet” has got to be one of those quintissentially English things people always ask when they know you are going on holiday; don’t you agree?!  It always makes me laugh because everyone does it, it’s one of the few classless traditions I can think of. 

So, just in case anyone is wondering my honest answer is no, I haven’t.  In fact, I’m going to thank the next  person who asks me for their concern and offer them a personal invitation to come and help me throw in my boxers!  “No, no, the black ones with hearts on them!”.

I normally pack the night before, this time around I’m even less concerned with my lack of packing because my plan is to pack up all my old clothes, suits and things, dump those in a case and when I get Stateside  and then on arrival, give them to charity.  It gets rid of my unwanted clothes in an ethical way AND the weight of my outward bound luggage matches that of my return flight; my cases will be stacked to the hilt with garments and things. 

Huzzah!  Who’s the daddy!?

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