Antikrish – ACE Clan sharpshooter extraordinaire!

Yaaay!  It’s my day off, having worked flat out 6:40am – 4:40pm Saturday and Sunday (overtime) I decided to take today as a days holiday and it’s effectively going to be my weekend!  I woke up at 8am, sauntered down to Sainsbury’s at 9am and grabbed my food to begin my diet; yes folks, I’m as big as a house at the moment and it’s time to get back to being a svelte demi-god. 

So apart from an imminent fiddle with the Danelectro (in practice for Wednesday) the rest of my day is going to be spent playing the xbox 360 with a few online buddies.  I have just started playing again after a slight break (xmas time roughly due to a kaput xbox), I spent Saturday night online with a few members playing with my Clan, no not the Ku Klux Klan but the ACE clan.  Big shout to Dilligaf, Kaka, Peds, Spanner and Ductapekiller.  No we don’t wear white sheets and I didn’t make them up either!

Since buying my xbox a few years ago my favourite online game was Rainbow Six : Vegas (right up up until Call of Duty 4 came out at the end of 2007).  Vegas was very much a thinking mans first person shooter (FPS) and I enjoyed sodding about with the ACE clan, having a few drinks and throwing C-4 around on a Friday night whilst exchanging tons of banter over our headsets.  Call of Duty 4 is a different kettle of fish to Vegas, it’s awesome to the extreme.  You can call in airstrikes, have chopper support if you have a string of kills without dying, fantastic stuff.  Nothing funnier than ruining a few cocky American kids and having them go off crying to mommy when I’ve shot them through the eyeball with a sniper rifle.  ‘KERPOW!’ “My bad!” (that was a joke, see previous Anti-rant entitled ‘My bad’).

So, I have decided to post a few threads about gaming, it’s something I’ve had a passion for since before I even started school; having a brother 7 years older than you with an Atari and a BBC Acorn Electron can do that to a guy, and I spent most of my youth in and out of gaming arcades.  Subsequently I’m something of a hardcore gamer (yes, even at 30 years old), Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and PC mainly, but I still like to play my Megadrive and Snes (more often than not on the PSP, emulation is a godsend thanks Al!!!)

More to follow today once I’ve tried out the new online multiplayer maps on COD4, and also sunk my teeth into Vegas 2 a bit more.  Decisions decisions!!!