Bouncy Bouncy

I’m on lunch at the moment using my colleague Kraig’s wireless dongle (Dongle sounds like an Australian sex toy doesn’t it?) via the laptop. Very snazzy. Although why there aren’t widely available free wireless networks in my area by now god only knows (yes, I know there’s too much money to be made by greedy providers).

Anyway, I spent last night fiddling with the latest mix of GIVE A LITTLE HELP following a prod from Alex; specifically trying to get to grips with bouncing tracks on the desk in order to free up extra recording space. I honestly couldn’t believe how simple the bounce function is on my Tascam, you arm the tracks, push record and off you go! ::insert an ‘I told you so’ statement from Alex here::

For those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘bouncing’ you basically combine any number of the tracks on the mixing desk (each track has an instrument, guitar, bass, drums) onto one or more tracks. This is especially handy if you are using an 8 track recorder like me and only find yourself with 2 tracks left to complete a song with. So for example last night I took 4 tracks including two guitars, two drum tracks (left and right channels) and consolidated them into just 2. That now leaves 6 tracks to put bass, vocals and other bits onto the mix with.

I’m also using the nanoverb effects unit to separate sound out a bit and pretty pleased with the result so far. I intend to concentrate on the mix again tonight and get the levels right, then I’ll throw it through Sony Soundforge to try and get something listenable onto the site. I’m determined to salvage the demo we did and get something decent out of it!