Hello 2009

Thank you to all those who restored my faith in the average person somewhat.

I received a variety of messages from anti-revellers saying they could relate to my previous post and  it seems not everybody was attending a parkour themed party in Londonshire.

So far I have started off the new year by firmly sitting in my duvet reading random rubbish on the BBC newsite as usual.  One thing I was slightly amused  by, was the declaration from those clever gits at the Met weather office that it would be “Cold for the forseable future”.  Do they have mystical seers down there who can really predict the future?  I always wondered how they could tell what the weather was going to be for the week, and it’s slightly feasible that they have a department made up of blind but sixth sense sensitive magi kitted with crystal balls and tarot cards?

I suppose I really should venture off out and grimace as neighbours wish me a “Happy new year!” and throw such witty quips at me like “hey Kev, I haven’t seen you since last year!!!!” followed by a cheesy finger point.  Ok, I must confess the latter probably would make me laugh somewhat, but only because it’s so offensively nob that it’s funny.

Yes, I think I shall celebrate the new year with a rather wholesome bacon baguette.  Brown sauce please.  Oh the irony…….