Kev on Channel 4 – ‘Big Chef Takes On Little Chef’

Yes, the rumours are true. It was I on Channel 4 tonight, eating the monster ‘olympian’ fry-up breakfast for all to see!!!!

As some of you may know, I was away on business before Christmas visiting a dealership in Cornwall with my boss Alan; what you didn’t know was that we pulled into a ‘Little Chef’ in Popham for some breakfast. Great idea Alan.  Cheers!  I was fully aware of the video cameras when I walked in, being naive I thought perhaps they were filming some kind of franchise training material; I was wrong.

Instead, Channel 4 were filming ‘Big Chef Takes On Little Chef’, a primetime documentary nonetheless.

Thanks to all those who text and sent messages to say I was on, alas I didn’t see it,   Hopefully I can throw it up on the web if I find footage; then all of you can see me devour a breakfast which is essentially the culinary equivalent of a royal slap in the face to starving people in Africa.

The moral of this story is thus, if you walk into a restaurant with film cameras in it, read the teeny, tiny, poxy smeggy little disclaimer before you sit down and look like a total bloater.

As for the breakfast, it was bloody lovely.  Especially as it was on expenses.  No way I’d have paid a tenner for a breakfast……