Sir Antikrish, intrepid arctic explorer!

Well I say by Jove, what a day?

I managed to walk into work this morning, only took an hour and 35 minutes (my legs hurt like a motherfucker now!) through the snow. And I have to say it was quite pleasant walking by the park talking to Baldie on my mobile (big up for news updates Al!!)

It was all spiffing until I got to the Duppas hill and then Croydon’s flyover. Truly bizarre seeing a few lost souls walking over it due to a total lack of cars.

Average snowfall in London was 10cm, Wallington just made the news for having 20cm AND neighbouring Coulsdon had 28cm. That’s almost a whole shatterproof ruler!!!!

There’s meant to be more tonight, not sure if my old joints can stand another trek. Not sure….if…’cough’….I…can…go….on!!!!!!

Saying that, it was worth it today, if only to see Croydon resemble a Lowry painting, totally devoid of trams, buses and taxis. All it needed was chimneys and hey presto! Stick men masterpiece!!!!!

Just goes to show though, you can do anything after a cup of tea!