Bulletproof Turbans!?!?

It was with great mirth that I stumbled upon a BBC news story regarding  a request by the British Sikh Police Association (or turbanators for short) to research into developing bulletproof turbans to be introduced so that they can break into areas of the force that require them to wear a protective helmet; something that their religion forbids.

Bulletproof turbans.  AH HA HA HA HA HA!  How funny is that?  Seriously?!?!  At first I thought it was an April Fools prank, a headline worthy of a Spike Milligan sketch; but no, this is a legit story (link at bottom of thread).

I do empathise with anyone whose religion gets in the way of their safety; like catholics who are told not to wear condoms by the pope for example.  “God will save you from your nob dropping off my children!”.  Why would you possibly enter into a vocation where you know that your career path would be limited due to cultural or religious beliefs?  It’d be like a Jewish man going to work in an abattoir and refusing to work on the sausage production line?  That’s where all the money is, have you seen how much Sainsbury’s charges for it’s posh red wine and goats cheese sausies these days?  They’ll probably put a “Yid Free – Taste the Difference” label on them to pop the price up another 50p.

What troubled me even more was that West Midlands Police spent £100,000 on trying to adapt safety helmets to fit over turbans last year.  £100,000!!!!  It’s amazing would you could achieve with 1 child potty and some masking tape.   Lordy lordy.

I think it would be FAR more affective to have a rapid response squad of traditional Sikh warriors turn up at a serious crime scene sporting their turbans, sabres, knives between their teeth and trained monkeys!!!  Hardened criminals would think twice wouldn’t they???  Yep, that’s the solution.  Definately.

Anyway, here’s the story.  CLICK HERE FOR STORY