Surreal cinema story

I grabbed a Bruce Willis movie pack over the weekend and seeing that the film ‘Unbreakable’ was included, well, it reminded me of a rather silly and surreal prank of mine a few years ago.

Alex and I went to see the film ‘Unbreakable’ at Streatham Odeon in the year 2000, as usual we had been for a mooch around the shops beforehand and I had purchased a WW2 Mustang toy foam glider plane thingy that I used to collect as a kid from the toy shop.  I’m still prone to buying them now; you know the self-assembly ones which are about 50p? (piccy below).

Anyway, I decided that it’d be rather funny to throw it into the projector light during the trailers, purely because Streatham’s main screen had SUCH a high ceiling and it would go on for ages.  So that’s what I did.  I threw it.  Down with the system!

I can remember it in utterly vivid detail, slow motion.  The plane majestically flew down in a straight line, lit up by the projector light and then all of a sudden the trailer changed to ‘Pearl Harbour’.  It was fucking uncanny and I almost wet myself as the Mustang hurtled towards the screen to defend the harbour from the Mitsubishi Zero’s!  As it got closer the shadow began to get bigger on the screen and people began to notice.  God knows how I didn’t wet myself.

The real joke is that the prank was actually more historically accurate than the film ‘Pearl Harbour’; which was a big bag of Hollywood wank.

Toro Toro Toro!!!!!  AIeieieieieieieiieiei!  Oh, and I thought Unbreakable was shite too.