Instrumental – 15th of August, 2009

Our day of music went rather well; my new Cort acoustic was put to good use and ideas for 3 or 4 good songs came out of a pretty relaxed and lazy session. Emphasis on the word lazy……but rather funky.

I do agree with Alex though, in that it’s so much simpler working with acoustic instruments. You can sit down in the kitchen and ‘twang’, pop to another room and ‘doo doo diddly doo’ and even sit in the bath with it if you want and ‘skee woop pingggggggg brrroooo ziiiiiing flying machine!’. And that’s pretty much what we did for most of the morning; without the bath bit obviously.

Alex showed off his rather snazzy rock/surf guitar effort which I now have to try and learn before we meet up again for our next recording session. It’s bloody good.

There was also a nice jazzy thing which we ended up digressing into during a quick jam. Great.

‘Jam-fest’ (fair trade jam, made without the exploitation of white farmers) eventually inspired a rather nice instrumental that I put onto the Tascam. I found 3 really simple chords to go with something Alex had found and put 3 overdub guitars on top of that with a bit of percussion; all the while Alex sleepily provided musical direction whilst slumped into a very comfy looking chair.


I stupidly left home without a microphone stand which lead is to improvise somewhat and come up with what is quite possibly the greatest studio innovation of all time; Alex Micman (picture below!).

Al literally sat holding the AKG microphone during the whole recording process which was rather funny from my point of view as he kept nodding off; at one point I realised the sound had gone a bit shite and Alex eventually realised he’d turned the mic around the wrong way. Saying that, how many song writers do you know are THAT good that they can record in their sleep eh?

Some footage below showing me playing the chords.

Parental Guidence – Use of the word ‘Bollocks’ is involved during the recording of this video.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Instrumental – 15th of August, 2009

  1. Alex

    Check the mic
    Ya gotta check my mic
    Check my mic

    Sitting at home
    Mic in my hand
    I’m playin’ my instrument
    Coz my mic is in my hand…foo’!

    Check the mic
    Ya gotta check my mic
    Check my mic

  2. Alex

    Updated lyrics!

    Check my mic
    Bitch mic check my mic
    Check my mic
    Bitch mic check my mic (Yeah!)

    Mic always in my hand
    ‘Cept when I’m layin’down
    My mic is in a woman

    Slap it all about
    Put mic juice on your face
    Then I walk out

    No payin’
    No stayin’
    AA of bitch service me
    I breakdown the ho
    Then I fix her for free

    Check my mic
    Bitch mic check my mic
    Check my mic
    Bitch mic check my mic (Yeah!)

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