Selfish prick on my bus

I’m sitting on a bus waiting to go home after a 10 hour overtime shift; unfortunately for me, a complete prick is holding us all up over a row with the driver.

The oiks argument is that he wishes to pay the £2 fare using a £20 note. The bus driver asked him to get change and hop on the next bus due in 8 minutes.

Even more unfortunate for the bus driver is that the inconsiderate prat is refusing to be considerate of the 40 or so passengers on here. Refusing to comply, off goes the engine and lights; an argument ensues and now I’m starting to get annoyed.

The simpleton is clearly using a tried method of producing a £20 note knowing the driver has no float having just left the garage; and everyone else uses the oyster card scheme these days.

As I consider this, my annoyance ebbes away; I am happy to wait whilst the driver takes his stand…..and……hooray… a flurry of Sarf Lundun (South London) taboo, the miscreant disembarks.

I smile at him as we pull away.


(Twat in the White top).