The 11th Doctor

I loved Doctor Who as a kid; Sylvester McCoy was the one I ‘grew up with’ but I also have a fondness for watching Tom Baker and John Pertwee; both of whom were (in my opinion) the best out of all those that have played the lead character.

I was ABSOLUTELY petrified of the theme tune until I was about 7 years old, now it sounds like ‘Open Keyboard’ night down at a community Christians club?

All things change and must move with the times (pun intended); however, I never expected BBC Wales to ‘sex-up’ the franchise as much as it has to alienate all but hard up women in their 20’s and 30’s; personally i was glad that David Tennant decided to quit and took his stupid gurning expressions with him!

I only watched the first ten minutes of the new series because I was tired; my only recollection this morning was that I felt Matt Smith looked more like 1950’s George McFly from ‘Back To The Future’ than the Doctor?

I signed on to Facebook this morning to find that the majority of my female ‘friends’ had predictably left status messages which confirmed Mr Smith could be an elligable bedchum; yawn.

Expect the producers to further tweek the programme format and relaunch it with an Eastenders style pub and give the doctor several Indie fiends who end up fucking each other for money, drugs and because the article in ‘Heat’ magazine told them to!

Wish they’d just cancel it; Doctor Who is shit now 😦


2 thoughts on “The 11th Doctor

  1. brighton boy

    i always thought he looked like the elephant man with his oddly long face.

    not keen on the new series, although the slutty assistant isn’t bad for a kelt.

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