Dog days

Chico has come a long way in a short space of time and is settling in nicely!. I’m looking forward to taking him out for walks when he gets his injections done in a couple of weeks time!

The dubious nature of Chico’s previous ownership was often reflected in his behaviour; especially during the first 48 hours of his arrival. When we first got him he’d often cower after a toilet malfunction (there was a few!) to the point of shaking on the spot, I also got the impression that he had to fight for the owners scraps due to the way he initially went frantic around food.

The farmer/breeder who had him originally threatened to ‘shoot him’ if our mutual friend didn’t deliver him to a new home; I dread to think what he had to put up with. I’d love to meet this guy and give him a knuckle sandwich.

The change in 6 days has been incredible; he now ‘asks’ to go out in the garden to “do his business” (such a funny expression I’m sure you’ll agree?) and enjoys regular mealtimes. He’s still got a way to go though, he often gets quite bitey when he’s excited and I’ve been stamping out that particular behaviour by putting him down onto the floor and ignoring him. He doesn’t like those apples let me tell you!

When he first arrived, he was spindly and quite uneasy on his legs. Now, he’s steady and fast as lightening; he already fetches his tennis ball on command. Think he’s going to be a very clever dog!

I’ve spent most of the weekend playing with him and relaxing; relaxation has been a rare commodity in my life of late because of all the overtime that I’ve been doing. Thought I’d pop some more pictures below which pretty much sum up how cozy he is here.

Feel free to make soppy mushy noises.