Ankle Assessment numero…….erm, two.

Just home from having my ankle assessed; I’m happy to report that it’s still there.  Dr Dabis, the consultant who assessed me, said that I should expect long term stiffness.  How do you receive news like that and not laugh?

I have surpassed the initial 6-9 month recovery period by some way; the anniversary of my accident was late November, so I am unsure how long I can expect all this to drag on.  Oh well.      🙂  <———Grinning and bearing it.

Getting to glorious Banstead Clinic for the assessment was a bit of an ordeal; I had to walk from the train station along the A27 which was covered in ice.  Banstead is a rather affluent area where the locals stroll around in garish jumpers and horse riding gear.  Wankers.

Walking on ice is wank; but it seems like all the posh houses/roads are worse?!?? Particularly Clyde Road, which is right next to me!!!

People in their mock Tudor palaces are apparently quite happy to leave the pathways in a dangerous state; it’s a shame all the Tarquin’s don’t get a shovel out and help out a bit; not everyone drives from doorstep to doorstep in a 4×4!!!