Mutley in the snow

Mr. Alex suggested that I use my camera fingy to take some video footage of the pooch.

Mr. Cheeks loves the snow sadly it’s not as deep as it was a couple of weeks ago because it’s quite a spectacle watching him fearlessly tunnel and dive into it.

So without further ado:

A Jack Walters Production.

2 thoughts on “Mutley in the snow

  1. Alexander

    Written on my death certificate:

    Name – Alexander RamJam YipeeeKiYayMuthaFucka RoundTheOutside HeyZeus! Jesus IAin’tGettin’OnNoPlane DidYouTurnTheGasOff? IThoughtYouTurnedTheGasOff? ButYouAlwaysTurnTheGasOff? I’veNeverTurnedTheGasOff…InMyLife!!! OK, HeyZeus, IWas OnlyAsking DidSomeoneCallMe? HeyZeus! Yo,Apollo!,Waddup? Churchill (esq)

    Cause of death – A Jack Walters Production

    Wah Wah Wah Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! I thank you!

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